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Aroma 24/7 is the leading Scent Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE with a market presence in more than 15 countries around the world. Discover the unlimited possibilities of the use of scents. We can help you with everything about scent marketing, room fragrance systems, professional aroma marketing solutions, personal fragrances, air design, scent diffusers, as well as room air fresheners, and odor removal.
Being one of the experienced professional producers of scents and scent systems, we can present modern and functional scent systems and offer the possibility for scent creation as per your need.

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Commercial Scent Marketing Segments Happier Customers, Stronger Brand


The use of scent has ability to directly influence how your hotel is perceived and remembered by the guests

Aroma 24/7 Commercial Scent for Offices


Adding the scent through office space’s HVAC system is the most discrete and ideal for most large commercial and office environments.


The in-store retail experience is ever more crucial as more and more customers move to online platforms.

SMART – Alerts when aroma oil level gets low or critical. The smart level indicator gives you the status level.

SECURE – System implements Cryptographic co-processor with secure hardware-based key storage.

ANALYTICS – The cloud connection will let you access reports and log on the usage of the diffuser.

IN-BUILT CLOCK – Inbuilt Real time Clock for real time based operation control.

CLOUD ACCESS – Can be hooked to any cloud platform, including Google Cloud.

CENTRALISED – Manage multiple scent machines from a single application, centrally.

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