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Aroma 24/7 is all about scent marketing.We assist you making your brand even more successful with amplifying brand re-call and making the customers happier. Aroma 24/7 uses the best quality fragrance ingredients from all around the world. They are 100% pure aroma oils without any kind of mixtures or additives. This makes Aroma 24/7 very unique and consistent. The quality of Aroma 24/7 is certified by International Fragrance Association (IFRA), the international body that oversees industry standards.


The use of scent has ability to directly influence how your hotel is perceived and remembered by the guests. Creating unique guest experiences is a key trend for luxury, boutique and lifestyle-branded hotels.
The luxury experience starts from the moment the guest arrive at your space, with the very first whiff of the scent. With the custom signature scent range, you can create the perfect ambience and create a powerful impression with your guests and a experience to be remembered.

Bars and Nightclubs

Nightclubs rely on various branding techniques to draw crowds through the doors and to differentiate themselves from competitors. When patrons enter the club or venue the experience needs to excite and stimulate the patron’s senses, to ensure a memorable night out. With guests paying top dollar for VIP tables they expect the best possible experience with all the trimmings. A pleasant and subtle fragrance can lead to an improved perceived quality of the space and can enhance the mood of guests, causing them to stay out for longer and even coming back for more.


Adding the scent through office space’s HVAC system is the most discrete and ideal for most large commercial and office environments. For those businesses that don’t want to scent the entire office space, but simply create a grand
impression for potential clients and visitors, an entrance fragrance is the perfect solution. Our stand-alone fragrance diffusers can be placed around the waiting room or lobby space to provide a pleasant and welcoming fragrance, that greet the visitors on their first step.


The in-store retail experience is ever more crucial as more and more customers move to online platforms. When they do visit the physical stores the brand experience needs to be a memorable one. Retailers take every aspect of their stores into account; the layout and décor, the music and lighting. Now savvy retailers are tapping into their customer’s fifth sense. The sense of smell.

Airports and Airlines

Scenting in the transport industry started as early as 1950’s with the Parisian metro introducing the scent of carnation into their trains to increase comfort and well-being. Today scenting has become increasingly important to many airlines and other travel businesses, as they understand the value of customer loyalty and brand awareness. Whether your aim is to provide an added sense of luxury to your brand, create a relaxing environment for anxious and stressed travelers, or to promote a clean, hygienic, and inviting space for passengers, Aroma 24/7 scenting systems can offer the solution.


Customers can easily access information about product offerings and brand advantage online, causing them to consider switching banking providers more frequently than in the past, which means financial and banking institutions are in constantly competing to win and retain business. An improved customer experience is a powerful way of delighting and retaining customers, and brands are using scent experiences as a method to improve customer satisfaction and heighten the level of customer care.


The use of scent in the healthcare industry has been widely recognized for its ability to improve how patients feel and perceive their hospital experience. Results show that a certain scents are able to relax patients and visitors and and create a more positive environment.


Adding a scent in the lobby and corridors uplifts the luxury ambiance of your property. As the scent is directly associated with memory, it would enhance the brand experience and also creates a long-lasting connection with tenants. Our HVAC scent system, with variable setting, allows for flexible intensity to neutralize any undesirable odors and spread the delightful scent throughout and enhance the air quality. Personalized exclusive fragrances create the signature identity of your property.

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