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An Uninterrupted Scent Experience At Controlled Costs.

Aroma 24/7 Scent Subscription helps you to have an assured, uninterrupted supply of scents, routine maintenance of diffuser machines, and controlled running costs. Under the subscription model, the scent usage is metered and you pay only for what’s been used on a monthly basis.
Scent subscription is flexible as the subscription charge is based on the scent used, the area, and the number of scent machines required to scent your premises.

Scented Candles in Hyderabad

Air Freshener for Hospitals Hyderabad, India

SMART – Alerts when aroma oil level gets low or critical. The smart level indicator gives you the status level.

SECURE – System implements Cryptographic co-processor with secure hardware-based key storage.

ANALYTICS – The cloud connection will let you access reports and log on the usage of the diffuser.

IN-BUILT CLOCK – Inbuilt Real time Clock for real time based operation control.

CLOUD ACCESS – Can be hooked to any cloud platform, including Google Cloud.

CENTRALISED – Manage multiple scent machines from a single application, centrally.

Control from anywhere from any smart device.
The diffuser system has built-in wifi, Ethernet port, BlueTooth connectivity, and /or USB ports (based on models). They can be easily connected to our cloud platform and managed via the easy to use a mobile application.

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